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Jeevana Port :

Jeevana Port is located about 3 kms on the coastal road between Shriwardhan and Diveagar. A cliff protruding into the sea has a Koli village below it and also the port. One can easily get ‘lost’ in the scene before you-the fishing nets, the drying fish and the different shapes and sizes of boats. On top of a nearby hill there is batti-light- which guides the fishermen at night. The view from the top, looking out to sea, is exhilarating.

Ganesh Temple Ranvali :

Vitthal Temple Bharadkol :

Devkhol-Ancient shiv god temple :

The entire trek is through dense forests and one sometimes starts wondering if one has lost his way. The temple area is very lonely and silent. Te only movement is that of the priest who comes daily to offer prayers. Even during the day one feels ‘lost’. The area is picturesque and is obviously of very great age. The Puranas, while describing Harihareswar refer to “Kusumeshwar in the north” This testifies to its great age. Inside the temple there are two shivalings a larger one in the sanctum and a smaller one in the Assembly Hall. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are stone statuettes lying about and it is quite likely that there must have been, at some remote time, a group of temples here. Many of the stone statuettes have been kept in a row against the outside wall of the temple.

Vakalghar :

There are five water tanks here. It is said that when the holy river Ganga descended on earth at Rajapur in Ratnagiri district, it also descended at this spot. The tanks have steps to go down to the water’s edge. Behind are the two temples, one of Mahadev and the other of Ganga Yamuna. There are two sets of statues of Ganga-Yamuna, one made out of marble is larger and the other is smaller and kept outside. Ganga appears only at specific times, probably because of seismic movements. It has become a great place of pilgrimage of devotees. Away from habitation and in the lap of a mountain, it is a calm spot and ideal for a picnic lunch.

Shri swami samartha temple :

Located in the picturesque hill top in Shrivardhan, near Vadghar Panghloli village is this holy mathh of Shri Swami Samartha Maharaj.Swami Mathh, Shrivardhan, is built in Swamiji’s respect by his follower Shri Deepak Dattatray Joshi, Pune, who is the Chief trusty of Om Swami Samartha Sadhana Kendra Trust.

Shekhadi beach :

On one side are the small, tiled, cottages, on the other the mighty ocean dashing against the rocks. This scene persists with us till we enter Diveagar village. On the way we seldom notice how we have passed through villages like Valavati, Kodiwali, Shekhadi, Bharadkhol, each with 10 or twenty huts The beach is covered with silvery sand, the many designs caused by the moving crabs and the multicoloured hew of thousands of shells. The strong westerly winds refresh us. and we are tempted to take a break and sit by the sea side.

Adgaon beach :

Adgaon Beach is located near Murud city of Maharashtra. Murud city is the city of beaches and forts built during the time of later Mughals and Marathas. Murud contains a fair number of attraction and admirable points. Adgaon Beach of Maharashtra is a popular weekend gateway. This sea beach has incredible activities and attraction points. This beach is the centre of attraction for those who are planning for holiday vacations.

Valvati beach :

Bankot Fort :

The Bankot Fort is located in Bagmandala, about 4 km away from Shriwardhan. Boats can be hired from this fort to explore the surrounding areas.

Dighi :

There is only one road from Borli to Velas via Shiste. But those who wish to travel along the shore should turn west at Velas village. However, those pressed for time can go straight to Dighi port.